1st October 2020

Webinar, October 8: EU4Health – How can a European Reference Network on communicable diseases advance hepatitis elimination?

8 October | 13:15 – 14:30 CET | Via Zoom
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ACHIEVE, the leading coalition advocating to end hepatitis in Europe, invites you to an interactive online discussion on Thursday, October 8th(13:15-14:30 CET) to discuss how a EU-funded European Reference Network on communicable diseases can advance the elimination of hepatitis. 

In its proposal on EU4Health (a new EU public health funding programme for 2021-2027), the European Commission wants to extend the European Reference Networks (ERN) to communicable diseases. The European Parliament rapporteur Dr. Bușoi MEP subsequently suggested making this a key objective of EU4Health.

With both WHO and the ECDC raising concerns about progress on hepatitis elimination and its negative impact on diseases such as liver cancer, ACHIEVE believes that a EU-funded communicable disease network can make a vital contribution to fight hepatitis and deliver on the SDGs and the WHO targets.

In the webinar, participants will discuss how should the ERN on communicable diseases be set up to help end Hepatitis by 2030 and will address important questions including:

  • What are the learnings from existing European Reference Networks? 
  • How best to coordinate and who should be involved? 
  • How can progress be assessed to ensure they are a good public investment? 
  • How should they relate to other current EU initiatives, such as the EU Health Data Space and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, and tie in with the UN UHC Declaration?

Confirmed speakers: 
Professor Dr. Ansgar W. Lohse, Coordinator of the European Reference Network for Rare Liver diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER).
Professor Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus, Head of the Health Systems Research Group at ISGlobal, Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona. 
Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite, Founder and President of UNITE, the global network of Parliamentarians committed to achieving political impact towards ending infectious diseases as global health treat.
George Kalamitsis, ACHIEVE Co-Chair and President of Liver Patients International.

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